Welcome to the Phoenix Group Redeployment Resource Centre. You’re being given access to this online resource as it’s now been confirmed that your role is at risk of redundancy. We appreciate that this is a difficult time, and we want to give you all the support that we can. We want to make sure that you know exactly how the process works and what to expect throughout the consultation period.

This website has two distinctly different sections. The first, Securing an internal role, is to help you find a suitable alternative role within Phoenix. The second, Securing an external role, is to support those who wish to look for a role outside the Phoenix Group.

You’ll find all the support and guidance that’s available to you and links to all the relevant policy documents and guidance notes that are also available on our intranet. There’s a toolkit of tips, hints and practical advice, all designed to help you find your next role.  

The Contact section will provide you with details of the Resourcing team who will be available to support you throughout the recruitment and selection process. 

For further information, or to contact a member of the Resourcing HR team, please email