Vicky Campbell has been a Resourcing Consultant at Phoenix Group for nearly 5 years. Last July she left to have her first child; she is now back with the team and is the proud mum of a beautiful baby girl! We caught up with Vicky to find out what she has been up to and how it feels to be back. Here is what she had to say.

How much did you think about work while you were off?

Initially I thought about work lots but it faded as soon as Georgia arrived, hourly feeds kept my mind off work as did Baby Yoga, Baby Sign Language and everything baby related!

How did you ease yourself back in to work?

During my maternity leave I utilised my ‘Keep in Touch’ days. I attended training courses, team meetings and a number of social events. I would certainly recommend using these days to anyone heading off on maternity leave. It gave me the opportunity to meet new members of the team and maintain my relationships with existing members.

What has been the most challenging thing about returning back to work?

Apart from putting my trust in someone else to look after my child I would say getting back up to speed with things here.

What has been the best thing about coming back to work?

Adult conversation ... I have certainly missed that!

What would be your advice to anyone heading off on maternity leave?

Don’t listen to other people’s advice! Every situation and every child is different.