I have now been at Phoenix for four weeks. When I arrived at the office - at 8.45am, sharp! - I was very nervous, but at the same time I was excited to start my new job as a Project Analyst.

I decided to join Phoenix based on the recommendation of a friend who works here. Since I first learned about the company, I’ve only heard positive things! I went away and did some research before I joined, and I found that 95% of its employees recommended working here. Just as impressive are the awards the business has won over the years.

It was a fantastic first week and it was great to join up with the team. I had a thorough induction, where my manager explained my role and gave me a good idea of what I’d be doing. I was introduced to my team and my Project Manager. I was then set up on all the systems - everything was taken care of and it was a very smooth process. I was excited to use the software Phoenix has created, enabling me to do my job in the most efficient way possible.

Right from the get-go, my Project Manager became my mentor and really helped me hit the ground running - enabling me to deliver the project and supporting its day-to-day running, ensuring everything stayed on time and on track.

The culture and building at Phoenix

We did the full tour of the Phoenix building and all I can say is … WOW! It has a large meeting room and lots of other places to meet up. Gathering near an indoor pond, it sometimes feels like I’m working in the park.

The culture is very relaxed, yet professional. We have a subsidised meal in the canteen, which is a good way to take some time away from your desk.

The team all have lunch together and occasionally take a walk around the beautiful fields surrounding the building, which is always a great way to end a meal. If we fancy some exercise, there’s also an onsite gym, as well as playing facilities for football, golf and tennis.

Having been here for four weeks, I am still finding out new things about the Phoenix building. For me, personally, it has to be one of the best working environments and cultures I have been in.

Overall at Phoenix

In my time at Phoenix, I’ve already learned new things that have helped me develop in my role as a Project Analyst. Building relationships with stakeholders across the building has been very easy, as they are all very approachable and always willing to help and support.

At my previous workplace it was very hard to see or get time from senior management, but here at Phoenix they are not tucked away in an office - they’re right there, in the open, on the floor near their teams. Again, for me, this is great; it means I can go and ask them for advice or help.

The culture at Phoenix is extremely professional, but the passion of the team is very visible. It makes you want to work hard and achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Amandeep Sohal, PMO Project Analyst