How long have you worked for Phoenix?

Three years.

What was your prior Business Analysis experience before joining Phoenix?

Six years as a Systems Analyst/Implementation Consultant working at Aon Hewitt, with over 10 years’ experience in occupational pensions.

What development have you pursued since starting your Business Analyst role?

The Investment Management Certificate, as this will help me with the work I major in.

What are the top three things you would say are the “best bits” about the role?

The diverse range of activities/projects I work on. I have worked with most areas of the business, including Group. No two projects are the same, there’s always a new challenge and a new team of people to work with.

Similar to the above, building up a broad knowledge and understanding of the business, whilst also allowing me to develop more detailed knowledge in specific areas (for me the investments part of the business).

Four months ago I knew nothing about reinsurance agreements/longevity swaps, I know regard myself as being pretty proficient. Delivering project artefacts which you can see are appreciated by others and add value to the business, e.g. Writing the governance framework for Sharepoint, or the Terms of Reference for a new internal committee.

What kind of activities do you get involved in?

In a word, everything! From writing governance documents to mapping out complicated data streams/process flows, to engagement with suppliers be they benefits administration outsourcers or our investment managers. Being a Business Analyst at Phoenix is not your standard business as usual role. We are expected to have a much broader remit and acquire a reasonable degree of business knowledge.

Nick Harper, Permanent Business Analyst