Normally the first month in a new job is quite stressful, learning all new processes, systems and names. But I can’t say that for myself; my time at Phoenix so far has been challenging, stretching and informative but not stressful.

Since joining, every day has been different. I have had a smile coming into work and a sense of excitement for what the day ahead holds. There are many reasons why my first month as a Project Analyst has been so enjoyable, it would be impossible to list them all but I have tried to detail what I feel are the most important. It’s a way of life, not a company.

Being employer of year brings a lot of positives which I am lucky enough to have experienced, healthy living being one of them. I have managed to visit the onsite gym every week since starting, either before work, during my lunch or after work, it’s so convenient and I am really starting to see the benefits. It makes life so much easier having a gym onsite and you don’t have that awful guilt every morning of convincing yourself not to pop to the gym. A stroll around the grounds at lunchtime is a lovely break away from your desk; it almost feels as if you are not at work at all. There’s opportunity to go on the phoenix nature walk or just feed the fish, if that doesn’t interest you, the putting green is pretty good too!

Being a new starter, it’s so important to be surrounded by supportive colleagues. At Phoenix, there is always someone around to answer your question or just to point you in the right direction. The atmosphere in the office is great, not a day goes by where we don’t have laughter or banter, everybody is so friendly and that really makes you feel at ease being new to the role and trying to get to know everybody.

It’s good to be challenged; it means that you get to develop your skills further. I have already been given tasks to complete which I feel have stretched me and developed different skillsets that I have never used before. I have a mentor whom I meet with regularly and we discuss different ways of developing and challenging me outside of my BAU work. I think development is key for career progression and for anyone who does want to move to the next step in their career, Phoenix is the place to be! I can already see that Phoenix stretches you to take that step but most importantly supports you along the way.

Since starting, I have not only been on all of the on-boarding sessions with subject matter expects training me on systems or processes but also on extra Learning and Development courses from stress management to methods of communication. All these courses help develop you to be the best possible person that you can be. I have realised that these workshops have made me think outside of the box regarding the smaller things that I can do to help me do the very best in my job role.

Although, I have only detailed a few examples of why my first month has been the best, there are many other reason too. Instead of boring you with them all, why don’t you check out our Phoenix careers portal so you can experience all the brilliant things Phoenix has to offer!

Lauren Jordan, Project Analyst.