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Risk is an essential part of the Phoenix Group’s business operations. Indeed, successful risk taking is essential to ensuring that we’re achieving our business objectives and improving and maximising returns for our policyholders and customers. The Phoenix Group’s risk strategy is designed to help the business achieve its objectives by supporting a more stable, well managed business. It’s not about risk avoidance; we focus our energies and expertise on identifying and managing an acceptable level of risk. We seek to strike an appropriate and healthy balance between risk and reward.

Based in Wythall and London, we are the guardian of the Risk Management Framework, including Group-wide minimum standards. We lead all risk management activity across the Group: we establish the vision and overall direction for management, embracing changes in best practice and regulation. We’re the leading advocate for the development of a risk-based culture too, and we work to make sure that there’s an appropriate understanding and awareness of the risks surrounding our business.

We’re not here simply to enforce. Where necessary, we’ll challenge. We’ll challenge Phoenix senior management to continuously identify, evaluate and prioritise the risks to the business, so that we have clear lines of responsibility and accountability for the management of those risks. We also manage the relationships with our regulators to ensure they are open and cooperative, and that everything we do is in line with principle-based regulations.

As you’d expect, we’re a high-calibre, high-performance team, committed to the highest standards of professional integrity. Join us and you’ll have the opportunity to develop, implement and embed innovative risk and control; to create and deliver new approaches to support Phoenix in managing risks. In return, we promise to help you grow and develop your risk career in a supportive, rewarding and intellectually challenging environment.

About Phoenix

Phoenix Group. We're the largest UK consolidator of closed life assurance funds, with assets under management of more than £68.6 billion, and more than six million policyholders. Phoenix Group Holdings enjoys a Premium Listing on the London Stock Exchange and is a member of the FTSE 250.

About our locations

We've two main offices – one based in the heart of the City, only a stone's throw from St. Paul's Cathedral, and the other based in 42 acres of grounds in a stunning rural location on the outskirts of Birmingham.

Phoenix people

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