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As a function, we look after everything that’s not related to our finance and actuarial work. Specifically that’s Operational Governance, Commercial and Procurement, Outsource Management, IT, Business Continuity and Site Services, and Change. As one of the largest functions here at Phoenix, we’re responsible for maintaining, developing, improving and enhancing our operational processes and capabilities. We look for creative and innovative ways to deliver transformational change, ensuring that the Phoenix Group delivers for its policyholders, today and in the future.

We’re building the industry’s pre-eminent consolidator, and to do that we need to create business processes, technology and financial platforms that deliver best in class capability. That’s a big challenge. We’re a long way down this journey already, but to get to the next stage it’s going to require all the creative thinking and all the innovation we can muster. But it’s not enough to simply have the idea or the vision. We have to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, efficient solutions. That’s the bottom line for everyone here in Operations. Our work isn’t simply about driving down costs, which is, of course, important. It’s about increasing efficiencies – and right across the Phoenix Group.

About Phoenix

Phoenix Group. We're the largest UK consolidator of closed life assurance funds, with assets under management of more than £68.6 billion, and more than six million policyholders. Phoenix Group Holdings enjoys a Premium Listing on the London Stock Exchange and is a member of the FTSE 250.

About our locations

We've two main offices – one based in the heart of the City, only a stone's throw from St. Paul's Cathedral, and the other based in 42 acres of grounds in a stunning rural location on the outskirts of Birmingham.

Phoenix people

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