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Our company

In many ways, you could say that we're a safe pair of innovative hands. What do we mean by that? As well as being recognised as the 'industry solution' for the safe and profitable decommissioning of closed life funds and a specialist global asset manager, we're constantly looking for innovative new ways to improve the performance of all funds. We only work with closed funds, so that we can focus all our energy and expertise on improving their performance without getting distracted by the need to win new customers. We only employ the best people with the brightest minds to help us do it – not to mention the best technology available. We listen to each other and to our policyholders too. Because our sole mission is to improve returns for Phoenix policyholders and deliver value for our shareholders.

As a company, we have five core values which we live by – and we expect all our people to do the same:

One Team, One Vision

We believe in a true partnership approach, with each other and our outsourcers. We all work together towards a clearly defined strategy and common goals, benefiting from strong leadership across the group.

Trust and Empower

We are genuinely proud of working with each other, and we believe in fairness and are not afraid of making mistakes. We trust and empower people to work within agreed and accepted boundaries.

Take Personal Responsibility

Each of us takes personal responsibility for the organisation's success, considering the impact of our actions and the implications of our decisions, whilst ensuring we involve and listen to each other.

Feedback and Challenge

We are constantly looking to challenge the status quo, seeking new and improved ways of working, as well as using constructive feedback (from successes and failures) to learn and build for a better future.

Create the Space to Grow

We've worked hard – and will always work hard – to create the right environment for our people to excel and develop, positively encouraging and supporting career growth, yet still recognising, valuing and learning from each others' contribution.

About Phoenix

Phoenix Group. We're the largest UK consolidator of closed life assurance funds, with assets under management of more than £68.6 billion, and more than six million policyholders. Phoenix Group Holdings enjoys a Premium Listing on the London Stock Exchange and is a member of the FTSE 250.

About our locations

We've two main offices – one based in the heart of the City, only a stone's throw from St. Paul's Cathedral, and the other based in 42 acres of grounds in a stunning rural location on the outskirts of Birmingham.

Phoenix people

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